Do you prefer to play indoor or outdoor padel courts?
Is there any difference when it comes to playing?
Yes there is.

I’m sure if you’re used to playing on one type of court, it’s hard to get used to it when you play on another.

If you’re used to playing indoors, the wind is not a problem, but you have the ceiling height limitation, and if you play outdoors, the paddle strokes are not the same: you can throw the high ball as you want, you’re used to getting used to the wind, but when you go to an indoor court, the problems start… and the excuses!

Let’s look at the differences and what advice we can give you when you play in one or the other….because the development of the tactics to be used in the match can change…

If you play in an indoor padel court or indoor club

  • You need to be more careful with the roof and adapt when making lob strokes and counterwalls strokes.
  • Temperature: You must be aware of changes in humidity to know how the ball bounces (the higher the humidity, the heavier it gets).
    Also in case of cold temperatures, the sliding of the ball in contact with the glass must be taken into account.
    In warm areas and in summer season, there is a lot of heat, despite the air installations of indoor clubs, that means being aware of hydration.

If you play on an open padel court or outdoor.

  • You can hit a lob without ceiling limitation
  • You have to watch out for things that are not on the court and in the game: the temperature and weather conditions such as wind or rain.
  • In case of wind, it is best to watch the direction it moves when throwing the lob and know how to read the ball movements.If there’s a headwind you should try to shoot harder so you don’t get short, and don’t overdo it if we have a headwind. Remember: play diagonally!
  • As for the sun, if we have it in our face, the shot will make it more difficult to hit because we will be more disoriented. In that case, better to ensure the shot with more ball control, with a shorter shot armed or playing in the middle of the track.

Rules: Padel rules state that the point will be for the opponent if you hit a lob and the ball touches any element such as the roof or the branch of a tree.

When playing in outdoor padel court, the conditions are the same for both pairs, and the one that best adapt is the one that will win the match.Indoor padel courts vs outdoor padel courts… Which one do you prefer?

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