Tennis courts fabric structure covers

Why to install a cover in your tennis courts?

tennis court fabric cover

Whether you run a tennis club business or you belong to a sport assotiation, you wants to make year-round use of the facilities. Why not use your tennis courts in bad or cold weather? Your investment is going to waste. Covering your tennis courts with a fabric structure is the best soluction. It offers several advantages that can help you to make the right decision for your club.

Natural light

A good lighting is vital for a good tennis game. Our fabrics for sporting use are translucent and guarantee excellent, uniform light. Natural light helps players feel more confortable, and also avoid electricity cost during the day. Of course we ca also install LED light spotlights that allow your courts to be used at night.

Outdoor feeling with indoor benefits

People enjoy the feeling of play tennis outdoors, especially when they spent a lot of time working indoor during the day. You can let outside the cold, wind and rain but at the same time you enjoy natural light, high clerance and well vetilated spaces. It easy to open and close the fabric structure’s side enclosures. This means you can enjoy a game of tennis in either the summer or winter and in the warmer months you can enjoy the outdoor experience.

Future changes in mind? Removable structure

Flexibility: Perphaps you have started your sport business with some courts and you plan to expand and make it bigger in the future. Or you have found a better location and plan to move your club to another place. Our fabric structures have high quality finish and has the appearance of a permanent structure, but remember that they are removable structures that can be can be disassembled without damage, and installed in another place.

Wide clear spans

We can offer fabric structure covers with clear spans up to 80 meters, and also can be extended for almost unlimited lengh.
The side walls can have different options (open sided, fabric canvas enclosures, metal sheet or insulated panel sandwich), and the whole strucuture and covering surface can be painted or labeled with your club colours and logo. All courts covering projects are made to meassure, and you will receive all techincal support you may need, from the conception phase to finall installations

Turnkey project with fast construction time

The great advantage of alumium structures fabric structures is that they can be built quickly, around a week if soil preparation has been already made. In case you need to disassembly and move them to another location, similares time are required.

Our tennis courts fabric covers

We offer you a range of stantard tennis court covers, and additionally we can modify standard models for your specific requirements, or design and engineer a complete made to meassure structure. Wherever the option you choose, your will also receive all techincal suport you may require from our technical team. They will give you propossals based on your demands, and solve any doubt you may have.

Polygonal roof structure for 1 tennis court.

Curved(arch) roof structure for 2 tennis court.

Polygonal roof structure for 2 tennis court.

Tensile architecture structure for 3 tennis courts

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