Wannapadel offers you a whole range of fabric structure covers to cover your padel installations.

We offer also differents covering solutions for different sport fields/facilities: tennis, soccer 5, badmington, equestrian sport, etc. We can offer you the fabric structures type that better suit your project: sport canopies, gable roof fabric structures, curves roof, polygonal roof, etc.). Clear spans available up to 50 meters. All covers projects you may require, can designed and adapted for your specific proyect by our technical team.

Reasons to cover your padel court

Practice padel indoors and organize padel events any season of the year.
Improvement of the filling rate of your padel courts
Loyalty of your members thanks to the certainty of use of your installations in spite of the cold and/or the rain.

Types coverings for padel fields

There are different types of covers for padel courts. Wood, steel and aluminium covers.

At Wannapadel, we offer all our customers aluminium structure fabric covers, spanish leader on the Hispanic market with a presence in France and other european countries since 2010, and specialist in aluminium structure sports roofs.

Why choose an aluminium structure fabric cover for a padel court?

couverture terrain padel

The aluminium structure fabric covers or pavilions are formed by modular structures that allow them to adapt to the dimensions padel court official dimension perfectly.

This type of light construction is legally considered as “temporary” in the French standard NF EN 13782, so there’s no need for a building permit. PVC fabric canvas roofing with waterproof and fireproof membrane gives high resistance to weather conditions

This type of sports building needs light foundations and its price per square meter2 is lower than a conventional industrial building.

A fast, simple and economical alternative to conventional constructions offering the same comfort.

The modular system makes installation quick and easy. And also there are a large number of customization options:

  • Single, opaque or sandwich side panels
  • Simple, opaque, transparent or pressurized canvas roof.

What is an aluminium structure fabric padel cover?

The cover is a curved roof (similar form that an aircraft hangar roof) with a reinforced aluminium structure. The curved roof has different joints and profiles, designed for each of the tent dimensions and loads of each structure. The roof is made of stretched weatherproof PVC translucent canvas.That allows to enjoy sunlight many hours at day.

Main features of padel or tennis fabric structure covers

  • Perfect for high roofs and large volumes
  • High performance structure, weatherproof, resistant to intense climatic phenomena.
  • High quality PVC frames, certified fireproof and waterproof.
  • Modular construction without length limit
  • Perimetral cover wall pads can be made of: PVC sheet, or with sandwich insulation panels, or with lacquered sheet metal panels (depending of the thermal insulation level desired).
  • The whole fabric structure can be installed in less than 72 hours
  • Removable and transportable structure, without impact on the environment
  • Interior spaces completely free of columns or other obstacles (diaphanous spaces)
  • No masonry work and permits required
  • European CE marked quality certificates with all approvals
  • Warranty extension up to 4 years
  • Aluminum structure guarantees absolute corrosion free facility

Why choose the sports facilities covers marketed by WannaPadel?

  • Great experience in the realization of padel covers in Spain, France and other european countries.
  • Aluminium structures and fabric covers designed and certified according to French and European regulations (Eurocodes)
  • Fast and economical assembly structures.
  • PVC marquees with a wide range of accessories.

Covers for industrial/commercial/logistic sector

For Industrial, commercial, logistics, construction or warehousing aplication, different types of fabric structure covers are used: Fabric structure buildings, industrial tents, temporary warehouses, removable hangars, etc.
For these specific products, we can recommend you the following vendor