Padel like many other sports continues to evolve and it has more and more covered courts or Padel indoor clubs that we can find at our disposal.


You had to cancel a game because of bad weather, rain or wait for the weather forecast to know which summer was the best day to play. The “indoor” trend is more and more requested by players because they can play when they want without depending on the weather.

However, does the indoor padel only have advantages? Let’s do a little analysis:

Indoor padel clubs advantages clubs

Playing under cover prevents us from having problems when playing. Without having to be attentive to the rain, the wind, the rebound of the window and even the annoying sun that we can find outdoors. The conditions will always be optimal for the good practice of the game.

The use of our equipment will not undergo any extraordinary effort. We all know that playing with wet balls makes them much heavier and therefore the racquet will suffer more when hitting with a possible risk of cracking. Also, rain will make the padel balls unusable for another use.

Most of the padel indoor clubs have better maintained padel courts than those outside, as they do not suffer any weather aggression. A synthetic grass at its height and a well stretched and well placed net will always be a plus for indoor paddle clubs.

Indoor padel courts disadvantages

  • More expensive

On the contrary, we find ourselves with the disadvantage that an indoor paddle field is much more expensive than playing outside. There are many places, mainly in tennis clubs, which we can play in the open air unlike covered fields.

  • The height under the ceiling

The high balls: not all indoor centres have covered runs adapted enough to be able to make a high ball at great height because many of these balls will touch the roof.

  • The arrival of summer

We can not forget that we are already in summer and that everyone likes playing outdoors, enjoying the good time by taking the sun is not negligible. No doubt in this respect the tracks outside win points against those indoor.

In summary, there are many advantages and disadvantages we can find when choosing to play our padel match, and are you an indoor padel player our outdoor?