Today we are going to talk about 10 fundamental things that a padel club must have in order for us to play there again. And it’s not just that we look at the price or that it has the best padel courts. There are many other things that make us choose one club or another, and become “our club” in terms of customer loyality.

10 fundamental things a padel club should have


  • 1. The conditions of the padel courts For me it is fundamental and most important when choosing a paddle club. When you go to a club the first thing you notice when you arrive is the condition of the courts. After all we’re going to play and the rest is secondary.
    If the maintenance is good, the bounce of the ball is acceptable can be considered as a candidate for our selection. On the orther hand if the courts are not in good condition, no matter how incredible or cheap could be a padel club, I will not return there.If there’s one thing you can’t be tolerate it’s that the courts are not in good condition, there’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your match for other people’s reasons.There are clubs with a lot of publicity, very good facilities…. but with some courts surface in a terrible conditions. On the other hand, there are other small and much more humble paddle clubs to which you happen to go and, despite having been open for a while, their courts are like the first day when it’s nice to play. My choice will be the last ones.


  • 2. The lighting This point could be also be on the first paragraph as it is related, but I think it is important enough to put it separately.When we play outdoors we know we have the sun and its drawbacks, but we take it on. What I don’t assume is to go to an indoor padel club and that the lighting of the spotlights dazzle me every time I look up to hit a rival’s high ball.Is it so difficult to regulate the lights so that they do not dazzle or is it that directly in some padel clubs they do not care completely? It’s very annoying to try to play padel when you barely see the ball.


  • 3. Personal treatment One of the things we can go back to a padel club for, is the fact that they make us feel comfortable.In some clubs it seems that the client it´s not their priority. Look like the the owner or owners are more interested in use the club to play with their friends, and clients are only the way to get some income, but not the important thing.


  • 4. Location It’s also an important point because the closer you get to home the better, but if the padel club itself isn’t worth it, in the long run it won’t be so hard for us to go to another one, even if it’s a longer trip. In the end, the important thing is to go to a club where we feel comfortable.


  • 5. Price Nowadays, almost all the clubs I have been to have similar prices and the difference between them is not enough to choose any particular one. There are more important things when it comes to choosing which padel club to play in.


  • 6. Activities A paddle club that is always organizing tournaments is always more attractive to customers. Being able to choose between playing friendly games, leagues, tournaments…. the more variety the better.If you’re offered the chance to play a league or friendly match during the week and then a tournament, that makes you go to that club more often than others.


  • 7. Bar As we mentioned in the article in “Not without the post-game”, another thing you can choose to go to one club or another is the bar.A good bar is essential to develop your social life in a padel tennis club, who doesn’t like to stay after their game to have a drink while watching a other players padel games? The bar is part of the atmosphere of the club.There’s no need to serve a lot of things in the bar either, as long as there’s drinks and sandwiches you can throw yourself in there for hours, but if there’s no bar clients will choose another club.


  • 8. Other players level There are clubs where it feels like they have no idea of the level of people playing there, they arrange padel games with players that have very different level, and that can be frustrating for all of the players.Everywhere you’re going to have some time a very uneven match, but the problem is when it becomes the usual.In these cases, when you’re fed up with not playing a single game evenly matched, you stop going to that padel club and go to another one where they at least watch people’s games to check the level of each player.


  • 9. Facilities A padel club with plenty of courts will make it easier to find available courts at the time you want. It’s also essential that the changing rooms are in good condition and don’t make a big deal about going in there.Another important thing is ventilation if the club is indoor. In winter the cold is bearable, but in summer there are in some places where no air enters and it is impossible to endure a game without proper ventilation.


  • 10. Atmosphere We have already said it, a good bar, a variety of tournaments…. all this helps to create a good padel atmosphere in a club, but if you also add a television where you can watch the tournaments that are broadcast or recorded matches we end up winning so that we return more times to that club.


And you, what makes you go to one padel club and not another?
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