Padel courts design and construction

Padel courts designed and installed by professionals

Wannapadel, Turnkey padel projects design, procurement & construction

Design and installation of padel courts. Do you have a padel project in mind? We will always listen to your needs and adapt to your project, to offer you the best possible solution.

Thanks to our experience of more than ten years in this sector, we have developed great mastery in the design and construction of padel courts. Our different types of installation are always adapted to the regulations of th International Padel Federation et au and the specifications of the FFT.

Today, following a strong demand,  we propose our services  worldwide, moreover we installed our padel courts in various countries (such as Italy, Bahamas, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Scotland,…)

We offer our services to tennis or sport clubs, private individuals, municipalities and local authorities. Turnkey paddle courts, from design to the last detail.

All our padel courts are designed and manufactured in compliance with the rules of the International Padel Federation and safety standards in force.

Our commitments

Turnkey projects

We take care of everything: From the design of your project to the installation.


The installation of the courts is subject to professional liability insurance.

Time limits

We are committed to respecting installation deadlines


We are able to deliver your padel courts in short period.

Technical Regulations

Our padel courts are built according to the Règlement of the International Padel Federation and the specifications of the French Tennis Federation.


Maintenance services for padel facilities offered

Choose the padel court model that better fit your needs

Do you have a padel construction project in mind?